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Darbuka 1
     Bart Elliott
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Darbuka 1 — Greek & Turkish 7/8 Rhythms {j2store}1|cart{/j2store}

Darbuka 1 is a collection of Greek and Turkish 7/8 grooves performed on a goblet drum (a/k/a doumbek or darbuka) at various tempos by percussionist, Bart Elliott. Each of the sixteen play-along tracks included in the pack are over 3-minutes in length and in various tempos; perfect for practice or performance.

Greek 7/8 rhythms are typically felt and counted as 3+2+2, while Turkish 7/8 rhythms are 2+2+3.

The focus of Darbuka 1 is to keep the play-along tracks simple with minimal embellishments — allowing you, the performer, to explore, create and expand your own ideas.

Whether you are new to playing in a 7/8 or a seasoned veteran to odd time signatures, the Darbuka 1 play-along tracks will provide a solid rhythmic foundation for you to groove or solo over.

Every instrumentalist, not just drummers or percussionists, will find numerous applications and uses for these 7/8 rhythmic play-along tracks, some of which include:

  • Performance or practice backing track to use with your favorite 7/8 tune.
  • Substitute for a metronome; giving you rhythmic solidity with feel and phrasing.
  • Learning tool for soloing and grooving in 7/8.
  • Odd phrased backing track to use while playing in a different time signature (eg. 4/4).

The Darbuka 1 play-along collection includes 16 high-quality MP3 audio tracks, each over 3-minutes in duration, and performed at various tempos. No click track is included in the mix; the recorded groove is your metronome. You can play the MP3 files using your PC or Mac desktop/laptop, load them to your smartphone or tablet device, or burn them to a CD.

SAMPLE: Hybrid 7/8 Groove (bonus track) — 115 bpm